Saturday, December 13, 2014


  •  This week MLB has there Winter Meetings at the Hilton BayFront and Job Fair/Trade Show at the Convention Center here in San Diego. Because I live here I wanted to check it out,. I took the bus and trolley on Tuesday which was my day off  from work. I wanted to meet the Tribe scribes to get some buzz on the Tribe. I also wanted to meet national scribes and analysts fron ESPN, FOX, MLB Network and Baseball America. However when I got there there were alot of security guards and the people I saw walking fron the hotel were wearing credential passes. I could have signed up for this but I write a "fan" blog. I am not a "professional" writer. The ESPN BBTN set and MLB Net shows were inside the hotel not outside the awesome view of the bay and Coronado Island. Well all I could do was take some pictures outside the hotel and convention center. Also during that time the Padres were submitting a bid to host the All Star Game in 2016 or 2017. I hope it happens because Petco Park, the convention center, the hotels and Gaslamp Quater are within walking distance. MLB should have the winter meetings here every 2-3 years. 
  • Going into the Winter Meetings the two teams I follow (Tribe and Padres) needed to make moves during that time. Both teams made 1 move. Tribe traded for OF Brandon Moss from OAK. The problem with that move was Moss is a LH not RH which Tribe needs really bad. They have too many LH bats. Yes Santana and Swisher are switch hitters but they do not hit like Chipper Jones. Why do they need a RH middle of the order bat? Well in the AL Central there are many LH starting pitchers in the division. CHW has 3 LH starters(Sale,Danks& Quintana). DET has David Price. KC has Duffy and Vargas. Tribe last year was awful vs LHP. Raburn showed 2013 was a MAJOR fluke. Gomes is the only legit RHH but he is a catcher and has to get days off. I also do not want to hear that the ballpark hurts RHH power which is garbage. Marlins Park is much tougher. So is Petco Park and Safeco Field. Tyler Holt is a RHH but he is not a power hitter but a leadoff hitter that should play CF vs LHP. Bourn should be on bench vs LHP. Tribe blew it by trading Drew Stubbs to COL for a LOOGY who was DFA in July and not replacing him. They also have NEVER replaced Manny Ramirez. They should have signed Nelson Cruz last year. Yes they would lose a 1st round pick but Cruz's production would put the team over the top. He would have provided the "knockout punch" which the team lacked last year. Instead they drafted a LH OF Bradley Zimmer. He better learn how to hit LHP. When you have the RH power hitter, opposing managers have to decide what to do with their bullpen decisions. Another move they should have made was getting a stating pitcher. Klber was great but I am not sure of the other guys in the rotation. It would have been nice to get one who can provide 200+ innings. Only Kluber can as this point. Getting another reliever who can be the backup closer would help too. The front office better get moving. They still have to show they can beat DET when it matters in Aug and Sept therefore Tigers are the team to beat in the ALC again.
  • What was the Padres move? They made a trade with a division rival. They traded Yazmani Grandal and prospects to LAD for Matt Kemp. Dodgers are paying the most of the contract. Padres still need more bats because the current ones on the roster have not shown they can do it. It would have been nice if they pull the trigger to sign Pablo Sandavol or Yasmany Thomas. They really have more work to do with the batting order. Mark Kotsay the new hitting coach has a real job on his hands. The also need to add more pitching too. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014


If you are attending the MLB Winter Meetings in San Diego and you are wondering where are there places to eat? Are there shopping malls? What about music shows or sports games? What about public transit? Well here is the info so you do not have to look for it yourself. 


Here are some resteraunts I personally recommend:

Sorry San Diego does not have a NBA or NHL team but if you like NCAA hoops go to or to check out who is playing while you are here. Or you want to go to a rock show go to houseof  or

Thursday, November 6, 2014



  • BAL=5-2 (3-1R 2-1H)
  • DET=8-11 (4-5R 4-6H)
  • KC= 10-9 (6-4H 4-5 R)
  • OAK-2-4 (2-1R 0-3H)
  • LAA=2-5 (2-2H 0-3R)
  • LAD=2-1(2-1R)
  • SF=0-3 (0-3R)


  • NYY=4-3 (2-2H 2-1R)
  • TOR=2-4 (1-2H 1-2R)
  • SEA= 2-4 (1-2 H 1-2R)    


  • BOS=6-1 (3-0 H 3-1R)
  • CHW=10-9(7-2H 2-7R)
  • MIN=11-8(6-4H 5-4R)
  • HOU=5-2 (3-1R 2-1H)
  • TB=4-2 (2-1H 2-1R)
  • TEX= 6-1 (3-1R 3-0H)
  • SD= 2-1 (2-1H)
  • ARI=2-2 (1-1H 1-1)
  • COL=3-0 (3-0H)
  • CIN=2-2 (1-1H 0-2R)

Thursday, July 31, 2014


  1. Today at 1pm PT,  the non- waiver trade deadline in MLB ended Tribe today traded Justin Masterson to STL for  AA OF James Ramsey. Ramsey played at Florida St. I agree with this trade because this year Masterson pitched poorly. When the Tribe acquired hin 5 years ago from BOS many critics thought he could not be a starter because he has a sidearm delivery from the right side. However the team not thought he could be an effective starter but a #1 ace. The problem on both fronts is opposing managers would load up with lefty bats because they see the rotation of Masterson's sinker and especially his slider better than righty bats. Masterson never came up with another pitch to "control" the LHH. He also gave up too many free passes like walks and HBP. Yes the Tribe defense is terrible and STL D is good, but Yadi Molina the normal catcher is on the DL for the Cards. Matheny should have Tony Cruz catch him. However, Cards offense has been struggling for the most part . The other critics say he is not a ace is he does not have the makeup. When Masterson pitched poorly in a "big game" he seemed like he did not care. I know he is a born again Christian, but I have seen other pitchers who are get upset if they pitch bad in a big game. Only time will tell if Masterson turns it around.
  2. Also today Asrubal Cabrera was traded to WSH for a IF Zach Walters. Cabby was a better player than some Tribe fans think. He should have played 2B not SS.  That was Tribe FO did today. OAK traded for Jon Lester and DET traded for David Price. The Tribe FO did NOT trade for starting pitching and/or for right handed hitting. Why did they not? Kluber is the only starter I trust. Bauer and Salazar have upside but they need to learn how to be "professtional pitchers". They should have kept Kazmir. Why also they did not trade for RHH. They could have traded for Marlon Byrd. He had better stats than Murphy/Raburn combined. Alex Rios too. Of course they SHOULD have draft Giancarlo Stanton or Mike Trout . They better make waiver trades ASAP. With LeBron returning to the Cavs and Manziel playing for the Browns, Tribe are becoming an irrevelant franchise in CLE. I do not like that but it is the truth. They do not have any players in the top 20 in MLB in jersey sales. No current Tribe players have appeared in a Sports Center commercial. It has been at least 6-7 years the team appeared on ESPN "Sun Night Baseball". That is why the casual fans are not coming to games. You need many franchise players along with the pesky ones.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


  1. Going into the All Star Break the Tribe were at 47-47 with a run differential of -8. In the first series of the second half at DET, they took 3 of 4(Saturday games include a split DH). Since then they lost 2 of 3 at MIN and lost the first three games at KC. Tonight's game could be a back breaker. They scored 5 runs in the 2nd inning and guess what happened? They did not add on runs and the starting pitcher, Zack McCallister did not pitch any shutdown innings. Instead he let the Royals get back into the game and scored 5 runs to tie and Hagagone gave up a 2 run HR to Butler. 
  2. It seems throughout the season when the Tribe score some early runs in the game the opposing teams answer with response runs. Why does that happen? After watching the Tribe debacle last 2 nights, Dodgers beat the Giants Friday and Saturday covincingly. Why? LAD scored early, Grienke and Kershaw pitch shutdown innings , played crisp defense and added on runs late. Especially tonight when the Dodgers scored 2 early runs it was over because Kershaw owns the Giants especially against the best player (Buster Posey). Kershaw's career ERA is Bob Gibsonesque.
  3. IMO the reason the Tribe are mediocre franchise is Shapiro and Antonetti are "Moneyball" wannabees. They think they smarter than anyone so they hire "stat nerds" to be talent evaluators. Well they have failed big time. They have got rid of talented players because they were "divas" or the Dolans were too frugal. They drafted  and developed poorly. Danny Salizar should be an ace but he just a "thrower". Kluber has pitched like an ace but can he keep it up in future years? He has not pitched in a post season game. Masterson is too nice to be one. When Curt Schilling pitched poorly he was "mad as bloody hell". Bauer is getting better but he has alot of work to do. Bauer should strive to be like Schilling, Smoltz or Beckett. They were "big game" pitchers. Do the Tribe pitchers have the "killer instinct"? 
  4. I also wonder do the Tribe hitters have the killer instinct too. I know Nick Swisher does not. He has shown he can hit "meatball" pitches but he can not hit pitchers pitches. Carlos Santana is swinging the bat well but needs it do it early in the season  too. All the Tribe hitters need a better 2 strike approach. They also need to do the little things better by playing better defense. Going into today their Def Runs saved was at -60 which is last in MLB. Cardinals were 1st with a DRS of  +53. Yes Jhonny Peralta who Tribe fans ran out of town, DRS is at +15. Peralta makes the rountine plays. Asdrubal can but he is to lazy mentally. I hope he does not get traded because he would contribute to another team. He is struggling with RISP but he has a 718 OPS which is 10th among qualified SS. He should play 2B and trade Kipnis instead. They also should trade Chisenhall because he is awful at 3B and is showing his true colors after his  hot start. He has warning track power. Brantley needs to show he is a true "super star" hitter. David Murphy needs to start hitting more fly balls not grounders. Raburn needs to start producing against LHP by having good at bats. 
  5. The big question for  the rest of year is the team "hungry like the wolf" and front office can make the right evaluations and moves to make the team better. The answer is they have show it ASAP.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


  1. Going into this weekend vs DET, Tribe had an opportunity to show the sweep in May was not a "fluke" and show the rest of the country they are legit contenders along with KC. Well the first 2 games of this series have shown that the previous series was a fluke. Tonights game was on the "FOX Baseball Night in America" and the ballpark was packed. Trevor Bauer gave up 2 runs in 6 IP. However Francona should have not put him in the 7th because he was knocked around. He gave up back to back HRs to Rajai Davis and Ian Kinsler. Tribe rallied for runs in the 8th and 9th but could not tie it the 8th and win it in the ninth. Asdrubal Cabrera could have won it in the ninth inning but grounded out on the first pitch when Joe Nathan had thrown 30 pitches then. Cabby was hitting 300 when hitting the first pitch (h/t to T.J. Zuppe for tweeting this). However Cabby needs to be selective in that situation. 
  2. In the 10th inning Kinsler singled and Austin Jackson sac bunted him to 2nd. Cody Allen could have IBB Miggy Cabrera. But Victor Martinez had hit a HR and a RBI single. Guess what happened? Miggy hit a RBI 2B. to put DET up 5-4. Allen got out of it but he did not execute the pitch to Miggy. That what lineup protection does. I know stat nerds think it is a myth, but it is the truth. Tribe went down quietly vs Phil Coke to lose the game 5-4. 
  3. On Friday Rick Porcello continued his Tribe ownage. Kluber gave up 2 runs in 7 IP. Axford and Carrasco gave up extra runs in the 8th and 9th innings. Tribe scored 4 runs in the 8th but could not rally in the 9th to lose 6-4.
  4. When you look at the Tribe lineup vs DET lineup, Tribe does not have hitters that put fear into the opposition. Nick Swisher is not doing his job by being that guy. He was given a lot of money. He is the only former Buckeye I do not like. He has a World Series ring but he was not the reason the Yankees won the WS in 2009. His "bro" act has worn me out because he is not producing. David Murphy is also not producing. He needs to hit for more power. He hits too many ground balls especially to RF.  Yan Gomes has settled down behind the plate but he needs to be productive especially with RISP. When Ryan Raburn faces LHP he has been awful. He needs to be the lefty killer. The team;s OPS as a whole vs LHP is at 657. The OPS vs RHP is 100 pts higher.  
  5. It seems to me since last year when the Tribe play in front of big crowds at home they struggle. Even when they play on national TV at home or the road vs good teams they "wet the bed". Why is that? Are they trying too hard? I think they do not have that difference maker DET has. Until the front office acquires that, the team will carry the "not prime time players" rep. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Thursday, May 22, 2014


  1. Going into the midweek sereies vs DET Tribe were 10.5 games back. The record was at 19-25 and a run differential at -29 when they got swept by OAK and outscored 30-6. Then they sweep DET  and many Tribe fans are happy. However national pundits wonder can the Tribe come back and win the AL Central or win one of the wild card spots. As a diehard fan I still think they are not a playoff team yet. 
  2. Why are they not a playoff team? The  rotation is in shambles. They did not keep Ubaldo Jimenez or Scott Kazmir. This team does not have a #1 starter. DET has 2 co aces(Verlander & Scherzer). Dodgers too (Kershaw & Greinke). Salazar has a great fastball but is straight as a arrow. He needs to add movement and change speeds with it. He also needs to have confidence in his slider and change up that he can use it any count. Bauer has 2 good starts but he needs to do more especially on the road. Tomlin is gutty and cerebral, but he is suited to pitch in the NL especially in the west coast where the ballparks have deep fences and marine layer at night games. NL East parks except in PHI are pitcher friendly. He does not miss bats which need to do in the AL. I do not trust Kluber or McAllister in a "big game" yet. Masterson is not an ace because he has 2 pitches: sinker and slider. He also has an extreme delivery that lefty hitters see the roation of the pitch. He needs a 3rd or 4th pitch to get through the lineup 2nd and 3rd time.
  3. During the offseason Chris Perez and Joe Smith two key players in the bullpen were let go and signed with the Dodgers and Angels. I get not keeping CP but Smitty was great. Signing Axford was not good because in MIL he put to many runners on base. To be a closer you have to throw "pitcher strikes" which Axford does not do. The rest of the bullpen is fine, but they need some one to take the 9th inning by the horns. 
  4. Also during the offseason Tribe did not do enough to upgrade the lineup by not bringing right handed hitters. They did not sign players Nelson Cruz, Michael Morse or Reed Johnson. David Murphy is a LHH. This team does not have the big bopper that puts fear in to opposition. When the opposing team put a lefty starter the team struggles. Put Chisenhall in the lineup vs lefties will not solve it because his track record says otherwise. They should have not traded Stubbs for LOOGY Outman and give Raburn a extension. Why did DET give up on Raburn?  Last year was an abberation. They should have brought a catcher like Kurt Suzuki to back up Gomes and have Santana and Swisher play 1B/DH. Giambi should not be on this roster because he is 43 years old. I will be 43 in July. He does not have the bat speed to turn on good fastballs anymore. 
  5. Although the team made the playoffs, the defense was not good. This year the defense is beyond deplorable. It is the worse in baseball. Putting Santana at 3rd was a terrible decision. He is too fat to play it. Chisenhall has not fared better either. Asdrubal does not have much range but he should be making routine plays. Kipnis needs to play better on D when he returns. The outfield needs to play better too. On metrics like UZR and Defensive runs saved say the team is awful on D. Should the team cut down on the infield shifts? Should the pitchers work at a faster pace like Mark Bueherle does. This has been going on for a few years now. The team needs to have fielding practice before every game.
  6.  If the team does not do the little things by playing fundmental baseball, they will be in last place for the rest of the season.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


This weekend, Tribe were playing on the road vs the Giants in San Francisco. Because it was in a NL park the DH is not allowed therefore the pitcher hits. Francona had to decide who would play 3rd base and catcher and who was on the bench. On Friday, Tim Hudson was sharp all game long and had been in all his starts this season. Carrasco was OK but he would have to pitch a shotout because the offense gave him 1 run of support. On Sat, Tribe got 9 hits and forced Tim Lincecum go 4 2/23 innings but they ONLY scored 3 runs. Also McCallister was sharp the 1st 4 innings but he and the defense fell apart in the 5th inning. Sunday was the topper. Ryan Vogelsong has be frankly awful. However the Tribe hitters had a bad approach against him. They only got 2 hits and 1 walk. Bourn got the 2 hits but he did not try to steal 2nd. AT&T is tough place to hit HR for LHH since Bonds retired. Yan Gomes tied the game in the 8th with a solo HR but it is easier to hit HRs for a RHH hitter there. They could not take the lead after the HR. Brandon Hicks hit a walkoff 3 run dinger off Cody Allen. In 2011 the Tribe scored only 4 runs there. This one they only scored 5 runs. IMO Bochy out managed Francona in this series. When you play at PETCO Park or AT&T Park you have to small ball early in the season because of the marine layer. You have to square up those puppies and crush it. It is better to hit the ball on a line than hit fly balls. Francona needed to use small ball tatics and the hitters need to take easy swing up the middle or to the oppo field. Francona needs to shake up the lineup. The next series vs the Angels will be tough.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


This weekend the Tribe lost 3 of four to the White Sox in Chicago. The first 2 games the starting pitching was awful and the offense let John Danks and Chris Sale off the hook. The 3rd game they won because they faced a righty starter and scored runs on him and overcame a awful start by Masterson. Today's game was the topper. Kluber pitches his ass off. The team should have executed better in the 7th and 8th innings by moving runners by sac bunting, stealing bases or hit and run. They scored runs in the 9th but John Axford walking Jordan Danks was inexcusable. Danks is not Barry Bonds or Tony Gwynn. Then Alexei Ramirez hit the walkoff HR. In this series they were facing 3 lefty starters. The OPS vs lefty starters is close to 600 which is awful. It would be nice to have a RH power hitter on this team. Raburn and Gomes played over their heads last year and need to make adjustments. Also Swisher and Santana needs to start hitting for avg. Getting walks are good but you need to hit with runners on base. I also worry that Asdrubal Cabrera is playing out his way out of Cleveland like Jhonny Peralta did 4 years ago. If the front office trades Cabby and he flourishes like Peralta did, I will be SMH why Cabby was ran out of town. If Lindor gets called up soon, he might get overwhelmed by pitchers throwing offspeed and braking pitches. Of course I never seem him play and seeing other guys like LaPorta and Garko fail, I am wary about the any Tribe propects and the hype about them. I believe in the "eye test". Minor league stats do not mean squat! When the team plats at DET Tues, Miguel Cabrera will be liicking his chops. He went 1-12 vs SD and the Padres took 2 of 3 at Petco. Miggy kills Tribe pitching like Barry Bonds did to the Padres. They have to win the series to prove they can compete with DET. They can not blow games in the division.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So far into the 2014 season for the Tribe, the team is 5-4. They should be better. They should have swept the Twins and Padres at home. Against the Twins, Carlos Carrasco & Justin Materson were awful. Against the Padres, Zack McCallister & Trevor Bauer were great but got only 1 win to show for it. The offense has not scored in the first inning in any game so far. Francona needs to jump start the offense by putting runners in motion and have the hitters choke up when down two strikes. Carlos Santana has drawn walks as the cleanup hitter but he should hit 3rd because he would hit in the 1st inning. This team lacks a true cleanup hitter especially a right handed run producer. It would been nice the front office acquire one of those. Also the front office should have signed a frontline starter. Right now this team is not good enough to compete with Detroit. They have to play over their heads to compete with the Tigers. Miggy Cabrera owns Tribe pitching just like Barry Bonds owned Padres pitching. I hope they prove me wrong.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Sunday, February 2, 2014



  1. Cal St Fullerton
  2. LSU
  3. Oregon St
  4. Miss St
  5. Florida St
  6. Virginia
  7. Oregon 
  8. Vanderbilt
  9. NC State
  10. UCLA
  11. Indiana
  12. North Carolina
  13. Louisville
  14. South Carolina
  15. Rice
  16. Clemson
  17. Miami
  18. Oklahoma St
  19. Arizona St
  20. Florida
  21. Kansas St
  22. Texas
  23. TCU
  24. La-Lafayatte
  25. Stanford


  1. Virginia 
  2. Cal St Fullerton
  3. Oregon State
  4. Florida State
  5. Indiana
  6. Mississippi State
  7. South Carolina
  8. UCLA
  9. Oregon State
  10. NC State
  11. Vanderbilt
  12. LSU
  13. North Carolina
  14. Clemson
  15. Florida
  16. Louisville
  17. Rice
  18. Arizona State'
  19. Texas A&M
  20. Miami
  21. Alabama
  22. Kansas State
  23. Oklahoma State
  24. Florida Atlantic


  1. Virginia
  2. Oregon St
  3. Indiana
  4. Cal State Fullerton
  5. North Carolina St
  6. Florida State
  7. South Carolina
  8. Mississippi State
  9. LSU
  10. Vanderbilt
  11. Oregon
  12. UCLA
  13. Clemson
  14. LA-Laffayette
  15. Rice
  16. Miami
  17. North Carolina
  18. Texas
  19. TCU
  20. Louisville
  21. Alabama
  22. Kansas State
  23. Florida
  24. Texas A&M
  25. Arkansas

Sunday, January 12, 2014

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