Sunday, April 27, 2014


This weekend, Tribe were playing on the road vs the Giants in San Francisco. Because it was in a NL park the DH is not allowed therefore the pitcher hits. Francona had to decide who would play 3rd base and catcher and who was on the bench. On Friday, Tim Hudson was sharp all game long and had been in all his starts this season. Carrasco was OK but he would have to pitch a shotout because the offense gave him 1 run of support. On Sat, Tribe got 9 hits and forced Tim Lincecum go 4 2/23 innings but they ONLY scored 3 runs. Also McCallister was sharp the 1st 4 innings but he and the defense fell apart in the 5th inning. Sunday was the topper. Ryan Vogelsong has be frankly awful. However the Tribe hitters had a bad approach against him. They only got 2 hits and 1 walk. Bourn got the 2 hits but he did not try to steal 2nd. AT&T is tough place to hit HR for LHH since Bonds retired. Yan Gomes tied the game in the 8th with a solo HR but it is easier to hit HRs for a RHH hitter there. They could not take the lead after the HR. Brandon Hicks hit a walkoff 3 run dinger off Cody Allen. In 2011 the Tribe scored only 4 runs there. This one they only scored 5 runs. IMO Bochy out managed Francona in this series. When you play at PETCO Park or AT&T Park you have to small ball early in the season because of the marine layer. You have to square up those puppies and crush it. It is better to hit the ball on a line than hit fly balls. Francona needed to use small ball tatics and the hitters need to take easy swing up the middle or to the oppo field. Francona needs to shake up the lineup. The next series vs the Angels will be tough.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


This weekend the Tribe lost 3 of four to the White Sox in Chicago. The first 2 games the starting pitching was awful and the offense let John Danks and Chris Sale off the hook. The 3rd game they won because they faced a righty starter and scored runs on him and overcame a awful start by Masterson. Today's game was the topper. Kluber pitches his ass off. The team should have executed better in the 7th and 8th innings by moving runners by sac bunting, stealing bases or hit and run. They scored runs in the 9th but John Axford walking Jordan Danks was inexcusable. Danks is not Barry Bonds or Tony Gwynn. Then Alexei Ramirez hit the walkoff HR. In this series they were facing 3 lefty starters. The OPS vs lefty starters is close to 600 which is awful. It would be nice to have a RH power hitter on this team. Raburn and Gomes played over their heads last year and need to make adjustments. Also Swisher and Santana needs to start hitting for avg. Getting walks are good but you need to hit with runners on base. I also worry that Asdrubal Cabrera is playing out his way out of Cleveland like Jhonny Peralta did 4 years ago. If the front office trades Cabby and he flourishes like Peralta did, I will be SMH why Cabby was ran out of town. If Lindor gets called up soon, he might get overwhelmed by pitchers throwing offspeed and braking pitches. Of course I never seem him play and seeing other guys like LaPorta and Garko fail, I am wary about the any Tribe propects and the hype about them. I believe in the "eye test". Minor league stats do not mean squat! When the team plats at DET Tues, Miguel Cabrera will be liicking his chops. He went 1-12 vs SD and the Padres took 2 of 3 at Petco. Miggy kills Tribe pitching like Barry Bonds did to the Padres. They have to win the series to prove they can compete with DET. They can not blow games in the division.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


So far into the 2014 season for the Tribe, the team is 5-4. They should be better. They should have swept the Twins and Padres at home. Against the Twins, Carlos Carrasco & Justin Materson were awful. Against the Padres, Zack McCallister & Trevor Bauer were great but got only 1 win to show for it. The offense has not scored in the first inning in any game so far. Francona needs to jump start the offense by putting runners in motion and have the hitters choke up when down two strikes. Carlos Santana has drawn walks as the cleanup hitter but he should hit 3rd because he would hit in the 1st inning. This team lacks a true cleanup hitter especially a right handed run producer. It would been nice the front office acquire one of those. Also the front office should have signed a frontline starter. Right now this team is not good enough to compete with Detroit. They have to play over their heads to compete with the Tigers. Miggy Cabrera owns Tribe pitching just like Barry Bonds owned Padres pitching. I hope they prove me wrong.