Thursday, May 22, 2014


  1. Going into the midweek sereies vs DET Tribe were 10.5 games back. The record was at 19-25 and a run differential at -29 when they got swept by OAK and outscored 30-6. Then they sweep DET  and many Tribe fans are happy. However national pundits wonder can the Tribe come back and win the AL Central or win one of the wild card spots. As a diehard fan I still think they are not a playoff team yet. 
  2. Why are they not a playoff team? The  rotation is in shambles. They did not keep Ubaldo Jimenez or Scott Kazmir. This team does not have a #1 starter. DET has 2 co aces(Verlander & Scherzer). Dodgers too (Kershaw & Greinke). Salazar has a great fastball but is straight as a arrow. He needs to add movement and change speeds with it. He also needs to have confidence in his slider and change up that he can use it any count. Bauer has 2 good starts but he needs to do more especially on the road. Tomlin is gutty and cerebral, but he is suited to pitch in the NL especially in the west coast where the ballparks have deep fences and marine layer at night games. NL East parks except in PHI are pitcher friendly. He does not miss bats which need to do in the AL. I do not trust Kluber or McAllister in a "big game" yet. Masterson is not an ace because he has 2 pitches: sinker and slider. He also has an extreme delivery that lefty hitters see the roation of the pitch. He needs a 3rd or 4th pitch to get through the lineup 2nd and 3rd time.
  3. During the offseason Chris Perez and Joe Smith two key players in the bullpen were let go and signed with the Dodgers and Angels. I get not keeping CP but Smitty was great. Signing Axford was not good because in MIL he put to many runners on base. To be a closer you have to throw "pitcher strikes" which Axford does not do. The rest of the bullpen is fine, but they need some one to take the 9th inning by the horns. 
  4. Also during the offseason Tribe did not do enough to upgrade the lineup by not bringing right handed hitters. They did not sign players Nelson Cruz, Michael Morse or Reed Johnson. David Murphy is a LHH. This team does not have the big bopper that puts fear in to opposition. When the opposing team put a lefty starter the team struggles. Put Chisenhall in the lineup vs lefties will not solve it because his track record says otherwise. They should have not traded Stubbs for LOOGY Outman and give Raburn a extension. Why did DET give up on Raburn?  Last year was an abberation. They should have brought a catcher like Kurt Suzuki to back up Gomes and have Santana and Swisher play 1B/DH. Giambi should not be on this roster because he is 43 years old. I will be 43 in July. He does not have the bat speed to turn on good fastballs anymore. 
  5. Although the team made the playoffs, the defense was not good. This year the defense is beyond deplorable. It is the worse in baseball. Putting Santana at 3rd was a terrible decision. He is too fat to play it. Chisenhall has not fared better either. Asdrubal does not have much range but he should be making routine plays. Kipnis needs to play better on D when he returns. The outfield needs to play better too. On metrics like UZR and Defensive runs saved say the team is awful on D. Should the team cut down on the infield shifts? Should the pitchers work at a faster pace like Mark Bueherle does. This has been going on for a few years now. The team needs to have fielding practice before every game.
  6.  If the team does not do the little things by playing fundmental baseball, they will be in last place for the rest of the season.